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Paul Thomas Anderson is certainly one of the most critically acclaimed directors of the 21st century with movies like There Will Be Blood, Phantom Thread, and the new Oscar nominated Licorice Pizza. The arrival of streaming platforms hasn’t been the silver bullet to solve timely release of content for Australian audiences. The Photo Laureate is Toronto’s ambassador for the visible and photographic arts. Toronto’s literary ambassador attends events throughout the town to promote and attract individuals to the literary world. Become a volunteer and assist connect guests to Toronto’s history and tradition.

  • Such chance demands that we safeguard the existence
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While spending two years in Dartmoor jail, Kim Crotty wrote and illustrated forty seven tales for his sons, desperately seeking to hold up his connection together with his family. A new docu-comedy, The Exhibitionists asks why the dominant image of an artist is a man – and places girls back within the frame. While males wrote about women “deforming” their bodies in corsets, there’s little or no writing from ladies themselves about what the experience was like.

  • In considered one of our tech demos, a user’s laptop computer started overheating, causing the fans to run so hard that the device
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